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Captain Jonathan Banasky has brought his new 12-16 passenger boat "Stardust" to Deep Sea Charters. While Jonathan is new to Deep Sea Charters he is not new to the sportfishing charterboat industry and bring several year of experience with him.

The boat is a 40 foot Youngquist and features twin diesels, is fully equipped with electronics, and state of the art safety equipment.

Jonathan will run with a minimum of 6 passengers, but can easily accommodate up to 16. Jonathan and his deck hand Brian work hard to give you the very best fishing experience every time they go out. They take exceptional care not only of you but of your fish while at sea.  Ask Jonathan about ways to transport, freeze and thaw your catch.  Remember, “Service IS Our Business”.  Be sure to let us know how we can serve you even better.

Jonathan Banasky and Brian Hart

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