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Deep Sea Charters, Inc.
P.O. Box 1115
Across from float 6
Westport, WA  98595

360-268-9300 or toll free 800-562-0151

VISA AND MASTERCARD gladly accepted.

Disclaimer: Deep Sea Charters, Inc. is strictly the ?booking agent? for the boats advertised herein. Deep Sea Charters, Inc. assumes no liability for any injuries sustained by any persons once they leave our premises. All boats that charter out of Deep Sea Charters, Inc. are required to have liability insurance on an individual basis. Vessels are owned and operated by independent contractors who are not under employment by Deep Sea Charters Inc. Each individual that uses Deep Sea Charters, Inc. for booking their fishing trip must assume risk of injury as charter boats are vessels that move about on the ocean and are subject to unexpected movements as caused by water that they float in.

We also do not guarantee that you will catch fish and please note that the boat crew and its fishers will continue to fish until the boat is limited. They may or may not sit another fisherman out so that someone who has not caught a fish gets an opportunity to land a fish. If they were to do that, the boat may not reach limits in the alloted time. If you have ANY issues with your trip or quality of service, you must talk to your SKIPPER before disembarking. Only your SKIPPER can resolve any issues.

SPECIAL NOTICES: Prices subject to change at any time. A fuel surcharge may be added to listed prices if there is a substantial increase in fuel prices during the fishing season. Trips cancelled by us due to breakdowns or weather will be refunded the full amount deposited. No other remedy is guaranteed. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Marking your rod holder or spot:
You may mark your fishing spot on the boat the afternoon before your trip or in the morning subject to the following conditions.  The Deckhand or Skipper must be present.  Please ask permission and do not get aboard or mark spots when the Gate is shut or crew is not present. The crew knows which spots we will be fishing in to be the most efficient and avoid tangles depending on the size of group.  People fishing for more than one day may already have claim to a spot whether it is marked yet or not.  We may ask you to move slightly to accommodate persons of disability or to keep families together.

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